u kno how it feels

by blacberries

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*amy winehouse voice* mmmmm u kno how i feel


released March 17, 2016



all rights reserved


blacberries Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

this is dumb and low qual but im tryin

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Track Name: inconsistence
i dropped my mother's ring behind your bed
i forgot my bobby pins on your nightstand
i left and you climbed into the bath
you washed off the parts of me you can’t stand

i spoke my mind while you were asleep
i didn’t think that you could hear me
you were dreaming about sex and apathy
you only call me when you wanna be pitied

and i don’t want
to be someone you only think of
when you’re drunk
i want to be someone
Track Name: jealousy
i am stupid
i am dirty rusted metal
u are a bird flying south
it takes everything in me not to ask u how

and i wanna be like you
and i wanna be like u

i am drifting
i am uncharted territory
and you are so loved
i wish i was something you could speak of

and i wanna be like you
i wanna be like you

and ive made art in your image
ive made idols out of clay
ive made such a sacrifice
i wish i could give it away

I’ve found hurt in your body
i’ve left some promises behind
but id give you everything i got
if you’d tell me i am fine

cause i wanna be like you
i wanna be like you
Track Name: a yr (2013 remastered)
put out a cigarette on my fingertips
it didn’t hurt as bad i thought
i haven’t looked at your eyes in a year but
that doesn’t mean that i’ve forgot

and i don’t wanna know i don’t wanna know what it feels like

i dug up your body
you were so cold
i don’t want you in the ground i don’t want u in the ground just yet

you’re too far away to hear me
you haven’t opened your eyes for a year