sunny friday afternoon, i am weak and tired

by blacberries

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released May 20, 2016



all rights reserved


blacberries Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

this is dumb and low qual but im tryin

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Track Name: half assed lov
your heart is a bedroom and i am the walls
i never loved anything; nothing at all
you told me i was good enough; you told me i was strong
you made me think that i could never ever be wrong

i should have known you were broken
you only told me a thousand times
i tried to sew you back up w my half-assed love
and you told me it was fine fine fine

i should have known that i wasn’t worth it
and you still used all your time up
i should have told u right from the beginning
my half-assed love isn't good enough
Track Name: open letter to my other self
you were in love with an orange hair boy
and you tore his insides out
he started to rot in the back of your car
and he gave his last breath to your mouth

dont flatter yourself; you think love isn’t real
or at least it’s not for you
there’s no point to it all you’ll die in a few years
but for right now there’s nothing to do

I wish I could say I committed myself
to staying next to you
i got caught up in feeling temporary
and here I am, where are you?

here I am, where are you?
here I am, where are you?
Track Name: all things aside
all things aside
I’m still gonna show up at your door
with dead flowers in my hand
would you forgive me then

all things aside
they say all good things come to an end
so i know we never will
you know i can’t sit still any longer

but i don’t want to tell you darling
im choking down sobs on the back of my fist
and i don’t want to tell you darling I’m
been living off of ur last kiss

all things aside
would you let me be there
when you’re pulling out all your hair and you're
falling asleep on the bathroom floor

all things aside
I’m still gonna scream at the top of my lungs
until you hear
i just wanted to feel good

but i don’t want to tell you darling I’m
crumpled on your bed like a shirt
i don’t want to tell you darling
i don’t know if this will work