something quick something shaky something heavy

by blacberries

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released August 21, 2016



all rights reserved


blacberries Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

this is dumb and low qual but im tryin

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Track Name: gravity
cold feet in the middle of july
if i wear that dress do you promise
not to touch my thigh
cut into pieces, soak in lemon water
i’m not someone’s son i am not someone’s daughter
i am nothing nothing nothing at all

i’m sorry i’m sorry but it hurts that i’m not real
and I’m sorry that i changed my mind I’m sorry i can’t feel
but there’s a gravity gluing my tongue to the roof of my mouth
and there’s 5 tons on my chest that won’t get off
and i know i am invisible
i know that i am spineless
but you laid with me after we touched
i thought you didn’t mind it
you were never hard and never cruel
but my body is achey
and I don’t know why i feel so crushed
you didn’t mean to break me

cold hands where my stomach meets my hips
i haven’t said a word but there's
disaster from my lips
you pulled my veins from limb to limb
just like a tangled string and said
‘i hope that didn’t hurt too much’
i didn’t say a thing

i hope you're
sorry sorry sorry! do you know you took too much?
i let you in and kissed your wounds and you left me here with dust
you had words like fire and words like ice but i just wanted comfort
and when you left me in my bed i thought that i was done for
and i know that i am tedious
and i know that i am caustic
but i don’t think that means that you can
set my bones on fire
you were wolf in sheeps clothing
and i didn’t mean to tamper
and i don’t think throwing me in empty space
was what you were after