by blacberries

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released January 20, 2016



all rights reserved


blacberries Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

this is dumb and low qual but im tryin

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Track Name: dont call me
i remember when you thought we were soulmates
but you haven’t said that for 2 months or so
and i’m scared of you now, you look like a ghost
and you wanna haunt me oh i know i know
i’m sick of my dreams, they all taste like you
i’m trying to block you out
i can’t fall asleep, i don’t know what to do
you always get in somehow

and you
call me call me call me
from your grandmother's line
tell me that you love me and that i will be fine
i'll tell you that it's different no
and you say that it hurts
i'll say 'honey please hang up now before it gets worse
and dont call me call me call me
in the dead of the night
don't tell me that it's too dark and that i am your light
i'll tell you that it's different now
but can't say that it hurts
you'll say 'i need you so bad but i can't find the words
and i looked everywhere
i looked everywhere''
Track Name: i like u and i dont know how to say it so i wrote a song
i like
drinking tea
in your bed
i like knowing what is
going on inside your head
i like
your big brown eyes
i like when you kiss me by surprise

i like the cats across the street
i like when you’re looking right at me
and i like how you smile when we high five after sex
and i like not ever knowing where we’re going to go next
i like your
cold feet on my legs
in the middle of the night
i like staring
at your bedroom walls
in the morning light
i like
messy sheets and
how you eat
and breathing on your neck
i like
how you touched my arm and asked
if i’d do it again
i like how you’re genuine
and you say you rarely cry
i like how
you kiss my lips
when it’s time to say goodbye
i like how all these thing about you
come out so easily
i only wish that you could maybe say the same about me