by blacberries

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released October 6, 2016



all rights reserved


blacberries Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

this is dumb and low qual but im tryin

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Track Name: the fires are dying down
i spent Saturday morning on my kitchen floor
cigarette ashes on my arms, burn slow like before
try to forget what the world’s like outside of my door
i call you my best friend you call me a whore

i hope you dont leave me to decompose
you know i can't survive on worms and bones

im not as strong as you say i am
Track Name: cadaver love song
built up a wall of pillows in my bed
you’e not even here but i don’t want to be touched
i’ve forgotten how to move in comfort and fear
i hear the knocking on my door, i’m scared but i’m here

i ate the white worms from the basement
i thought you might be proud
i swallowed my breath
and i looked to my left,
there was fire in your eyes and you weren’t impressed

i was gonna be your last breath
but your chest kept inflating
i was gonna put you to rest
but youre wide awake

the flowers in my room are dying
and i am fighting with something that i can’t see i am
the peeling wallpaper the cold spot on your back
Track Name: spit
let me know
when you
get home safe

spent whatever’s left
of my paycheck
on that ivy plant
(oh fuck) i’m never gonna change

i still have the mug you drank out of
i cant clean it out just yet
i think im afraid that i will wash you away
and im not ready to forget
and I kept your airplane ticket
in my notebook to keep it safe

i know that you said it doesn't mean anything