kind words spoken subtly

by blacberries

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released November 3, 2016



all rights reserved


blacberries Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

this is dumb and low qual but im tryin

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Track Name: dont listen to this song if u hate urself
scrubbing until my gums bleed
my teeth fall out in the sink
its weird to hear my voice in my own ears
i’ve been living without stopping to think

would things really be better if i was better off dead

i’m not the only one in my body
and i don’t know how to tell you I’m sorry
Track Name: lemon ginger
talking in my sleep
i don’t know who i am
holding your hand under sheets
i want to know who you are

warm soft skin
brushed against mine
i’ve been looking in your eyes
i’ve forgot about time

we sit on the counter at 3 am and we
talk about people that we’ve never been
and i sit on your lap when we smoke in the cold
you say that you’re oh so nervous of being alone
i know that falling in love is like pulling out teeth and i’m
honestly terrified to admit i exist! i hope
you’re doing well without me there i know that i’m not
i’m just writing about you i miss you a lot