closure (or something like that)

by blacberries

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released July 12, 2016



all rights reserved


blacberries Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

this is dumb and low qual but im tryin

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Track Name: quiet body
i still know the way to your house
and i dont wanna be quiet about it
i still remember how you touch
soft as if id break then you get too rough

and if it wasn’t love
and we aren’t friends
then what do we call it
and if it wasn’t you
and it wasnt me
then I’m not sorry

i still wanna lie still in your bed
pretending to be asleep
i still wanna know how you feel
when i shut down cause it feels too real

but it wasn’t love
and we aren’t friends
why did this end
i know that it wasn’t you
but it was me
and i am sorry
Track Name: take care
you say you’re not good on your own
you hold me inside of your world
but i don’t think that i really belong here

you dowse me in bath of bleach
you stun me until i can’t speak
you pull me close so i cant leave

there was sunlight on your breath
and there was so little of me left
when you exhaled, i was swept away

you’re bigger than life itself
you store in me in your doll house
but I’m leaving while you sleep

i tiptoe like the moonlight
out your door in the dead of the night
you don’t notice till it’s too late

you’re all alone in your home
praying to some god whose name you don’t know
you curse mine, ‘I’m lost without you’ you say

but I’m watching over you
i am terrible but what do i do
i cannot take care of me and you
Track Name: opal
you know
id be lying if i said
i hadn’t thought about it
because its the only thing I’m able to
think about
you know
id be upset
if i never saw you,

why do i pick myself up every time
there’s no use in coming back alive
why do i feel so fucking sad
if it makes me happy it can’t be that bad

you shine brighter than the moon
theres no use in denying you
Track Name: grief gift
mark my grave
with flower petals
and your urge to
tell me how
you’re getting on without me
and that you
told me so
dig me up
past all the earthworms
and diaries describing
how to drown
and kiss my lips
they’re cold and dry
and just like you remember

whats it like
to feel warm
in your lovers embrace
cause i’ve been lost
dreaming of a familiar face
i’ve been forgotten
I’ve been treaded on
and giving myself bruises
whats it like
to exist where
someone knows that you do?
Track Name: blister red moon; im nothing without you
i hope
my teeth
fall out in your mouth when we make out
and i hope
you keep
your socks on when you turn the lights out

lay me down in beds
of roses and nails! i swear that i can take it !
and if i cant will u please
kiss my back until i feel safe
and! please! just! leave me alone
until I feel lonely
and then would you come running back
pretending that u missed me

follow me down to hell
i swear it will b fun
and if it leaves a mark on u
ill scrub ur skin red raw

i hope
you don’t
know what it’s like to feel everything
you are
so kind
you don’t deserve all of this pain